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Engine Repair

Krokhmal Brothers, Inc. is proud to be the region’s leading engine repair shop. We are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road and ensuring that your engine is functioning at optimum conditions. Our experienced auto mechanics provide comprehensive engine diagnostics, factory scheduled maintenance, tune-ups, rebuilds, and repairs.

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Before the Repair: Engine Diagnostics and Service Quotes

The first step for every repair is to run a full set of diagnostic tests to assess your engine’s current condition and to test for damages or sub-optimal performance. We use a combination of modern computer technology and a deep-rooted knowledge of engine construction. Computer powered diagnostics allow your engine to tell us what’s wrong with it or where it is underperforming. Once we have a general idea, we will open it up to confirm.

By incorporating modern technology into our inspection process, we are able to create more accurate service estimates. And where there is accuracy, there is efficiency. With fewer delays and no errors, you’ll get your car back faster at a lower price than the competition!

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Engine Repair Services

As a full-service car engine repair shop, we are certified to offer a wide range of engine services. We are committed to the highest-quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service. Our most popular auto engine repair services include:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Engine carbon cleaning
  • Oil change
  • Fuel pump check
  • Ignition wiring
  • Emissions testing
  • Engine sensor testing and repair
  • Coil pack
  • Distributor cap and rotor

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Scheduled Engine Maintenance and Engine Tune-Ups

Engines are made of hundreds of intricately connected components. Each one has its specific purpose, and each must be working at maximum efficiency at all times to maintain engine health. To avoid costly repairs, it’s crucial to have your engine maintained according to its factory recommendations.

Krokhmal Brothers, Inc. provides factory scheduled maintenance and engine tune-ups that will keep your vehicle working well for a long time. Extend the lifespan of your car and get the most it, by booking engine maintenance and tune-ups with us.

Experienced Automotive Engine Repair Mechanics

With higher service standards than the competition, we are able to attract some of the best mechanics in the region. Our clean and well-maintained facilities are a mechanic’s dream. Engine repair is our specialty, and we want to make sure that all our certified engine specialists are able to do their best work.

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